Acne Removal Laser Therapy Pen

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  • Removes dark spots, moles, age spots, skin tags, warts, tattoos, birthmark, skin pigmentation from face, nose, cheeks, and legs anytime at your home.
  • This laser pen provides you with thermal therapy with blue light to your skin.
  • It tightens the loose skin, shrinks enlarged pores and kills bacteria, to give you clear and flawless skin.
  • It is easily applicable on oily skin, severe skin allergies and red spots.
  • This is a handy photon device for skin care. 
  • Kills the bacteria in the skin and pores.
  • Reduces the greasy skin.
  • Promotes lymph detoxification.

Skin Spots Removal Pen


  1. Start on cleaned and moisturized skin.
  2. Switch on the device to emit blue light. The treatment head will warm up to and remain at 42 degrees in 1 minute.
  3. Hold the conductive metal stick, the probe will release the +5V BIO electric current.
  4. Move the device slowly on a face from the inside to the outside, from bottom to up, focusing on the unwanted spots.
  5. Use 1-2 times per week.

Skin Spots Removal Pen

1. Please use the device with some essence or lotion.
2. Please hold the conductive metal stick when using the device.
3. Please do not place the device in the wet place, or it will cause malfunction.
4. Pregnant women or children are prohibited from using this device.
5. Pregnant women or patients with heart disease is prohibited from using this device.
6. For a long time not use please take out the battery, in order to avoid damage the device.

Package Included:
1 x Blue Light Therapy Acne Laser Pen
(Not including the AA battery)


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