Pregnancy Body Pillow U Shaped Maternity Comfortable Support Pillows

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This U-shape body pillow will give you a deep full sleep and complete relaxation. Designed for women preparing to become a mother, the pillow is also suitable for people suffering from pain in the muscles and joints and the elderly. Supports the body from all sides and relieves pain and discomfort during sleep and rest,day and night. 


Comfort sleep for pregnant 
Full body pillow allows you to conveniently stay in bed for a healthy sleep in the last months of pregnancy. While without the pillow, you could not find a suitable position to sleep comfortably and not harm the baby.


Relieves pain 
Consumers effectively use the body pillow to relieve back pain, joint pain, stomach pain, during rehabilitation after surgery and injury. The pillow gives support to the whole body and eases the pain so you can sleep all night peacefully. 


The pillow can be used not only for sleeping. It is perfect for nursing a baby. Changing the position of the pillow, you can find a comfortable pose for reading, watching TV, etc.


Applicable to people of different physiques 
The pillow is flexible and adaptable enough to be comfortable for people of different physiques. Has an inner zipper to adjust the amount of filler. In addition, there are 3 different sizes to choose from. 


The body pillow is filled with polyester fiber, which does not cause allergies and absolutely safe for health. The pillowcase is made of natural cotton, it can be removed and washed.


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