Wall Climbing RC Car

  • $ 29.99
  • Save $ 60.00

If your kids love remote control cars then they would definitely love this surprise!

It’s time to take the remote-control game to the next level! Let your kid, enjoy 360-degree maneuvering with this amazing remote-control car, Wall Climbing RC Car that can climb up walls!

Using the unique vacuum technology, this gravity-defying car can be driven on floors, walls, ceilings, windows, mirrors, closets or any smooth surfaces without falling!

Now, earn some cool parents points while keeping your little one safe as they enjoy racing their own miniature cars with friends.


  • Gravity Defying: What could be more astonishing than driving your RC car on ceilings!
    The ultra-lightweight car body coupled with a powerful suction fan, lets you drive Wall Climbing RC Car  on walls and ceilings effortlessly. Now, your kids can challenge their friends for car racing championship while developing their cognitive skills.
  • Dual Mode Design: Wall Climbing RC Car features two modes, WALL MODE and FLOOR MODE that allows you to whizz it around as you wish. The 360° rotation makes racing, forwarding or reversing easy and amusing as you drive at speed on the floor or upside down on ceilings.
  • Ultra-lightweight and Shock Proof body: Wall Climbing RC Car is extremely lightweight yet durable. The stylish body is made of long-lasting, high-grade ABS plastic that makes it shockproof and won’t break even when it falls from the wall or ceiling.
  • Infrared Remote Control and LED lights: No more struggling with wires while playing with your RC car. Wall Climbing RC Car comes with an infrared remote controller for speed, direction, rotating and climbing control. With bright LED lights, your baby can play with it even at night.